Clear Fork FFA


Clear Fork FFA Parliamentary Procedure teams excel

Both Junior and Senior Parliamentary teams placed first in county and district competitions, moving onto state. The senior team got third in their heat and the junior team got fourth in their heat. 

Leaf Raking

As fall approaches and leaves start falling, many people are not physically capable up raking them. Some with no family are left to take on this responsibility themselves. Every year, many Clear Fork FFA members come together during the fall season on an afternoon and roam around the communities of Butler and Bellville looking for any in need of help. Many of these people are astonished by a group of teenagers wanting to rake their yard free of charge. Any member who participates in this can use these hours towards their community service hours.

Lauren Mellott 10/17/17

Joe Potoczny Rides in the World's Toughest Rodeo at National Convention 

Former Clear Fork FFA 2017 President Joe Potoczny rides in the World’s Toughest Rodeo at the 90th National FFA Convention. Potoczny said that this was the “toughest” rodeo he has ever ride in. Although the results were not what he had hoped for but it was incredible to see. Joe received a rodeo scholarship to the 2nd ranked school in the nation for rodeo, Missouri Valley College. During his college season, Joe will be leading the team in bull riding.

Lauren Mellott 10/29/17

Junior and Senior Parliamentary Procedure Teams Excel

Both junior and senior parliamentary procedure teams won at the county contest and proceeded on to the district contest. One again both teams won and moved on to the state contest. At the state contest, the senior team was ranked 4th and the junior team ranked 5th. Both the senior team and junior team got third out of there heats. The junior team really enjoyed learning from the senior team and hope to excel in parli in the future. 

Senior team: Hayley Brown, Abby Wallis, Kaitlin Wuertz, Hunter Tilton, Sierra Weese, and Ethan Fowler
Junior Team: Ben Blubaugh, Kersty Kaufman, Savanna Harriman, Kendall Mortimer, Ethan Staley, Abby Fowler, and  

6th Grade Camp

Valerie Golden, Paige Walker, Jessica Johnson, Maddie Schmidt, Hunter Tilton, Jarrod Belton, Ethan Fowler, and Nick Hicks attended 6th grade camp as counselors. About 120 6th graders went to FFA Camp Muskingum for Outdoor School. The 8 FFA Members attended with them to keep them in line and help them out. The members made sure they showered and slept at night. They each got assigned to a group to stay with during the day to help the camp counselors out. It was a great leadership opportunity and a special bonding time for the group. They went on hikes, explored nature, ate great food, and lead some activities with the kids. The 6th graders really enjoyed hanging out with high schoolers and having someone to look up to.

Reporter: Valerie Golden


Ohio to Texas

Clear Fork FFA’s  Equine Judging team has been dominating the last few years. In 2016 four individuals traveled as a team to Massachusetts for the Big E livestock show to judge. This year those same four individuals went to State to represent and judge for Clear Fork FFA’s Equine Team. The team placed 4th in the state of Ohio which earned them a trip to Fort Worth, Texas to judge the American Youth Paint Championships.  

The team members were seniors, Cora McConkie, Maya Staton, and Andy Littleton, and sophomore, Valerie Golden. At the end of June the team  and their Agriculture teacher and coach, Mr. Adam Staley headed to Texas. This was a big trip for some small town people! They studied hard and worked on judging the specific breed characteristics of the Paint Horse and their disciplines. They went to a Paint Horse farm and learned about the characteristics and conformation of a Paint from the head trainer. Team members had to present oral reasons at the contest so they studied together and practiced saying them in front of Mr. Staley, which was intimidating, but made life easier in the long run.

The majority of the trip’s expenses were paid for, thanks to the Clear Fork FFA Alumni. Other than just going out to judge horses, the trip itself was quite the memory. For some of the team members going to Massachusetts in 2016 was their first time on a flight, so going to Texas was their second time on a flight. They laid over in Chicago O’Hare Airport. One of the biggest and fanciest airports they have been in! In count of eight Starbucks just walking plane to plane! The judging team arrived in Dallas and rented a car and drove through the craziest traffic they had ever seen on their way to Fort Worth. The teams first stop was the AT&T Stadium where they toured the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It was one of the most incredible stadiums any of them had ever seen! They got to go into the cheerleaders locker room, the owners headquarters, and play on the field!!! That night the team traveled to a nearby ranch and rode horses through the woods. The woods of Texas is much different than Ohio! The guide told them that they usually see wild boars, bobcats, and lots of deer, but sadly they didn't get to see any. They went out to eat at a good Mexican restaurant and filled their stomachs full! The next day they went to the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck, which was a very tall tower that gives a 360* view of Dallas! It was pretty scary standing outside with just a railing and some thick wire but you could feel the breeze and be level with the city buildings! You could see all the crazy traffic and the cool bridges and construction along with the city buildings and the flat horizon. Next they walked through Dallas downtown to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the museum explaining President John F. Kennedy’s death. On the sixth floor is where they found the gun and place Kennedy was shot from. This was about a two hour tour that was incredible to see and listen t all the theories about his death and how. They had models and digital representatives of how it happened exactly! The museum consisted of all movies and clips of evidence, news, and Kennedy's life and accomplishments. This was quite the eye opener tour! Afterwards we headed to George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It was pretty cool seeing all the things he accomplished and how and why. One of the coolest things that stuck out the most was a beam of the Twin Towers was there, all burnt and bent. It was pretty sad, they also had minute by minute clips of all of it! They then headed to Whataburger for dinner, which is not in Ohio and new to them! They have pretty yummy milkshakes too! The next day was competition day so we went to bed early and prepared!

Saturday morning they headed to The Youth Paint Horse Championships show dressed in our western gear. They had to judge 12 classes on their own, taking notes on all the classes. It included eight riding classes and four halter classes. After judging they had lunch and worked on four sets of oral reasons. They than presented the oral reasons individually in front of judges. It was very intimidating listening to everyone else do theirs first and in front of prestige judges. It was a pretty difficult contest, but they all came out happy to be at such the level. That night we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and shopped and ate. They ate at Riscky's Steakhouse with all you can eat ribs. The best ribs they have ever seen or ate! They ate so much that they went back to the hotel and swam and fell asleep.

The next day the team went to get results, Valerie Golden placed 32, Maya Staton got 46, Cora McConkie placed 51, and Andy Littleton placed 57 all out of 70! As a team the placed 15/18, which was not too bad for a National Competition. We were pretty excited. That day they went to Jack In The Box for lunch, which is not in Ohio either so it was cool to experience different fast food chains. They than hung out at the Stockyards, watched the cattle drive, and shopped more for T-shirts and souvenirs. The brick streets and stained train smoke was one of the best features of the stockyard market. This was an end to an awesome experience in our lives. When you get a chance you must take it, and this was something this team worked hard for!

Reporter: Valerie Golden


Fruit Sales

This year’s fruit sales was a success. As a chapter we brought in $25,550. The top three members who sold the most fruit got rewarded. In first place was Shelby Tedrow who sold $2,830, second was Valerie Golden who sold $1,830, and in third was Lauren Mellott who sold $1,000. Fruit sales is the FFA fundraiser to raise money for FFA activities. This money, along with the Alumni’s help, allows us to help cover cost, and make it more affordable for members who go on trips or other events. Thank you to all the members who sold fruit to support the chapter, and also congratulations to the three winners!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Parli Team

The 2016 Parli Team worked and studied very hard to compete at this year’s competition. The team consisted of: Hunter Tilton, Hayley Brown, Paige Walker, Kaitlin Wuertz, Cassandra Vaughn, Ethan Fowler, and Sierra Weese. The team placed first at both county and districts and went on to state. At the state competition, the team tried their best, but didn’t make it out of their seed. Great job to the team for all of their hard work.

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Chicken BBQ Project

You know that mouthwatering aroma you detected when you walked near the Ag hallway? Well, this year, the Clear Fork FFA chapter hosted a chicken barbeque at the high school. For eight dollars you could get a hearty meal that consisted of a quarter of a chicken, green beans, a roll with butter, and cheesy potatoes.  Held in the Ag shop, the BBQ was a huge hit for students and teachers. All 100 tickets were sold! The reason we did this project was to learn what an SAE was and how to complete one successfully from start to finish. Our SAE was raising the chickens and taking care of them and learning how to budget, finance, and journal. We kept track of all of our finances, budgets, journal entries, and other important records in our online record keeping system called the Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET). We purchased the chickens when they were just chicks and nurtured them to healthy adults in six weeks. The students fed and watered the chickens and  cleaned out the pen when dirty. Thanks to Clear Fork staff and students we raised $808.00 from this project and all profit will go to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

FFA Member: Sydney Wolfgang


2016 National Convention

Twelve FFA members attended the 2016 National Convention on October 19-21, along with our advisers Mrs. Haydocy and Mr. Staley. This year’s convention was help in Indianapolis, Indiana. A charter bus picked us up and we went down with three other schools, Crestview, Northmor, and Seneca East. On the way down we stopped at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. After that we drove a couple more hours to a sheep embryo transfer farm. This tour was very informing and was a great opportunities to see more about the world of agriculture. We arrived at the hotel and were ready to get up the next morning for a busy day at convention. In the morning we spent most of our time talking to different colleges, attending workshops, and shopping in the shopping center. We attend two sessions that day, the first Joe Potoczny and Jaylynn Freeman walked across stage to receive a national chapter award, and the second to listen to motivational speakers and watch award being given out. It was a great experience to all who went!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


State Urban Soils Team

The Urban Soil Judging Team attended the Ohio State Soil Judging Contest on October 8th. They met at the school early Saturday morning and headed off for Baltimore, Ohio. The contest consisted of judging four different pits and taking a soil survey and a general knowledge test. The team took 14th overall out of the 43 teams that competed in the event. Joe Potoczny led the team placing 22nd overall out of 156 individuals. Following him was Hunter Tilton (48th), Cassandra Vaughn (73rd), and Hayley Brown (97th). The team hopes to continue its success next year and build from this positive experience!

Secretary: Cassandra Vaughn


Equine Team Heads to the Big E

The national equine judging trip to Massachusetts was a great experience filled with extraordinary and educational events. We started the trip off with a flight from Cleveland to Hartford, Connecticut. Upon arriving we picked up the rental car and headed to the prestigious Holyoke Equine College. After being walked through the stables, we were shown their areas of training and where they gathered to learn new techniques for riding. Finishing up the tour with a stroll through their collective winnings and awards, we made our next move to the Big E States Fair. The Big E is a state fair for all the New England States such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine. At the fair each state was represented with a replica of its state’s federal building, filled with items and attractions unique to that state. Ending the day at the hotel, brushing up on oral reasons and final judging techniques, we hit the hay early so that we were prepared for Saturday’s adventures. Early Saturday morning we drove to the fairgrounds, to be buses to the University of Connecticut's equine center, where the competition was held. When the competition was finished we relaxed our brains and rewarded ourselves with some authentic seafood from Captain Jack’s restaurant. The seafood was delicious, but to top it off we were awarded second place at the Big E National FFA competition banquet. At the height of our glory we departed for home to share our great experiences.

Maya Staton


Chicken BBQ 

This year is our second annual chicken BBQ in the shop. We purchased and raised the chickens ourselves. They stayed in a pen in the shop until they were large enough to be butchered. On October 12th for $8 a ticket, students and staff can enjoy a quarter of freshly cooked chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans and a roll. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Children’s Hospital. We hope to sell 100 tickets, raising around $800 to be donated.

Lauren Callen


District Soils Team

On September 27, 2016, our top five for urban and rural soils judged at the district contest. Participants included Paige Walker, Hayley Brown, Cassi Vaughn, Hunter Tilton and Joe Potoczny for the urban team. For the rural team, Braeden Feeman, Nick Hicks, Lauren Mellott, Megan Raudebaugh, and Alysia Miller. The urban team placed third overall individual rankings were as follows: Cassi Vaughn 1st, Hayley Brown 7th, Paige Walker 26th, Joe Potoczny 12th, and Hunter Tilton 21st. The rural team placed 8th overall and individual placings were: Braeden Feeman 13th, Megan Raudebaugh 27th, Nick Hicks 43rd, Alysia Miller 44th, and Lauren Mellott 53rd. The urban team will advance to compete at the state contest on Oct. 8th and sadly the rural team will not. Congratulations to everyone who completed!

Hayley Brown


2016 Bellville Street Fair

This years 2016 Bellville Street Fair was a success for our FFA members. Various FFA members won awards for showing their animals at the livestock shows. The officer team was in charge of setting up and decorating the vegetable table. Members brought in vegetables to help supply the table with enough vegetables to decorate it. The vegetable table competed with Lucas FFA and an individual table. The individual table won first, our chapter’s table won second, and Lucas won third. Our chapter wanted to make sure every member in the FFA participated in the fair by working two hours. These jobs consisted of announcing and recording data from the livestock show, handing out ribbon to the winners, and helping hold animals for participates. Also, one of our officer, Hayley Brown, won the 2016 fair queen competition. She was awarded the crown and had the opportunity of meeting other fair queens from around the area.

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


2016 Vegetable Table

Our 2016-2017 Officer Team set up this years vegetable table at the Bellville Street Fair. Vegetables were brought in by other members in the FFA. The table was decorated in a variety of vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts, dairy, and various other items. This year we competed with Lucas FFA and an individual table. As our table took second, Lucas FFA took third, and the individual table won first. Congratulations on the awards and to everyone who worked on setting up these tables!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Movie on the Lawn

Our chapter held a movie on the lawn night in the town square of Bellville, on August 19. We set up a screen and projector to show the movie Racing Stripes to the community. We had a decent turnout and everyone who came had a great night outdoors with friends, family, and a great movie.

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Honduras Trip 2016

This summer three of our FFA members traveled to Honduras. Maya Staton, Hayley Brown, Paige Walker, and FFA advisor Mr. Staley spent the first week of June down there working and helping serve the community. As they faced hard work and hot weather, the member brought home stories about the poor living conditions, lack of food and schooling, and meeting new people. Our chapter is excited for more members to go next year.

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Officer Retreat 2016

The new officer team has already bonded closer this year on their officer retreat. The team decided to pack their bags and go camping on May 22-23. Over these two days the team got to know each other better and participated in several challenging leadership activities. The team had great time canoeing, kayaking, and swimming at the campsite. The next day the team woke up and headed to the Aerial Adventure Park, in Loudonville, to accomplish the high ropes coarse. The new officer team made many memories and are excited to kick off the year!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Equine Team

As the Equine Team advanced on to state, they were well prepared for the competition. Overall the team placed 3rd in the state, winning a trip to Oklahoma City next fall. As individuals Valerie Golden placed 8th, Maya Staton placed 12th, Cora McConkie placed 16th, and Andy Littleton placed 31st out of 37 contestants. Congratulations to the team for working hard and placing in state!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Donkey Basketball

The Clear Fork FFA was challenged to a game of donkey basketball on May 1, 2016, in the Lucas Middle School Gym. Members of the FFA got a team together to compete against the Lucas FFA. Fire fighters from around the area also made two teams to play against both Lucas and Clear Fork. The first game was Clear Fork vs. Lucas. Clear Fork beat Lucas and moved on to play the winners of the fire fighters. Clear Fork beat the fire fighters and were the winners overall. The members on the basketball team had a good time bonding together, but even more fun bonding with the stubborn donkeys!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


State Convention 2016

Several FFA members took a two day trip to the state convention in Columbus. While attending several sessions at the Ohio Expo Center, our chapter received many awards for the work we have done this school year. On Friday the eighth grade Vo Ag class came down to support our school as we went on stage to receive awards. We went on four different tours to the Blue Jacket's Stadium, Wolf Ridge Brewery, Franklin Park  Conservatory, and Worthington Steel Industries. The members who went on the trip attended an assembly called Ohio Fights Hunger. We packed thousands of meals together so people around the world can get the nutrients and vitamins they need. In the Expo Center, our Whole Grains team had a booth that provide information and facts about whole grains. We bonded closer to each other, and was it was fun to meet up with people we know from around Ohio, and also meet new friends from around the state.  Everyone on this trip had a great time and can't wait to go back next year.

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Tree Sales 2016

Another year of tree sales has come and gone! On April 7th, FFA members helped wrap over 8,000 trees. This was a great learning experience to identify different tree species and how to serve our community in a beneficial way. Thank you all the members who worked hard to to get the trees wrapped, and a special thanks to the Richland Soil and Water Conservation for providing donuts and drinks to everyone. 

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


Community Service Hours

Our FFA Chapter helped out the Butler and Bellville Library by reading, playing, and interacting with elementary students on March 22. Several of our FFA members helped out by reading books to the younger students, playing games with them, and also entertaining them by dressing up in costumes. This was a great way to serve our community. The members who went recieved community service hours for helping out.

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


2016 Equine Team

The 2016 Equine Team has been doing very well at this year’s contests. The members on the team are: Cora McConkie, Joey Potoczny, Maya Staton, Valerie Golden, Morgan Thomas, Andy Littleton, and Cassandra Vaughn. On February 20th, at Mount Gilead, the team placed first with Cora McConkie placing first overall. On March 5th, at the Marysville Invitational, the team placed second with Maya Staton placing first overall. On March 19th, at Ashland, the team placed 4th out of 49 teams. At the state contest on April 2nd, the Equine Team placed 4th out of 123 teams. Congratulations to the member on the team!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


2016 FFA Banquet 

On March 3, 2016 we held our annual FFA banquet, and it was a great success. Hard work from all of the FFA members went into the the setting up and tearing down of the banquet. Parents, members, and other guest had a great time eating good food and seeing another successful year in our chapter. Many awards were passed out to those FFA members who competed in contest or had other great success this past year. It was bittersweet to see our old officers go, but it was very exciting to meet the new officers. Our 2016-2017 officer team is: President: Joey Potoczny, Vice President: Ethan Fowler, Secretary: Cassandra Vaughn, Treasurer: Paige Walker, Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman, Sentinel: Maya Staton, Advisor: Hayley Brown, and Historian: Amelia Moore. Congratulations to all and thank you to those FFA members who work hard to help our chapter succeed!

Reporter: Jaylynn Freeman


State Parli

Our members did a great job representing our chapter at the State Contest.  The Senior team placed 5th in the State and brought home a banner, and the Junior team placed second in their heat. Shout out from FFA President Brent Ball, you guys are all awesome!

Reporter Maya Staton


Parliamentary Procedure

Congrats once again to Clear Fork FFA’s Parliamentary Procedure teams! This year’s senior team consisted of Brent Ball, Austin Miller, Ethan Fowler, Brooklyn Reasor, Paige Walker, Hayley Brown, and Cassandra Vaughn. The Freshman (Junior) team was Jaylynn Freeman, Valerie Golden, Nick Hicks, Alexus McDaniel, Amelia Moore, Reyna Staton, Hunter Tilton, and Sierra Weese. On November 19th, the Senior team placed 2nd and the Junior team won 1st place at the County competition. This made them eligible to proceed to the District competition in Danville on December 7th. In a high stress environment when the stakes were high, our teams came through with both the Juniors and Seniors bring home a 1st place win. This Saturday, December 19th, the teams will continue on to the State competition at the Ohio State University. If you see them, wish them luck!

Reporter Maya Staton


Food Science

Good job to the students who competed in Food Science!  They worked hard and had a good time at Zane Trace High School.  Competitors were Sierra Weese, Riley Herget, Brooklyn Reasor, Cali Cochran, Sabreen Sabino, and Jessica Johnson.

Reporter Maya Staton


Chicken BBQ Dinner

This year our chapter did a little something different.  We've been raising chickens in our shop and students have been active in feeding and taking care of the broilers.  It's been a new experience for some FFA members and we've all learned a thing or two along the way.  To wrap up the project, we sent the birds to be processed.  On November 5th, we set up some grills in the shop and prepared a chicken dinner for $6 a person; students, teachers, and all other faculty welcome on a first come first serve basis.  It was a fun time and to top it off, all proceeds went to Children's Hospital.

Reporter Maya Staton 


Fall Leaf Raking

Our annual leaf raking went well this year.  On November 4th several FFA members got together one evening and went door to door raking leaves for people in Bellville, and another group covered Butler. A special thanks to the Bellville Mechanics Bank for letting us eat dinner there after we were all done.

Reporter Maya Staton 11/6/2015

National Convention 2015

Attending the National FFA Convention and Expo was an exciting time for Clear Fork FFA this year. Our chapter supported Ellyse Shafer as she competed as a national finalist in Equine Science Placement. Today, there are 629,367 FFA members nationwide and Ellyse advanced to the Final 4 to compete against other FFA members nationwide in the Equine industry. Unfortunately Ellyse did not win her division in Equine Science Placement but earned another opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in the summer of 2016 due to her outstanding efforts with her SAE. 

Traveling to the National FFA Convention is just a small part of what this trip offers FFA members. This trip gives students opportunities to experiment in the agriculture world and participate in tours statewide. This year we had a stop at Jungle Jim's which is the supermarket of all supermarkets. Jungle Jim's carries over 150,000 food products represented from over 40 countries. To give comparison Wal-Mart carries only 80,000 food products. Along the tour of Jungle Jim's, we had the chance to try many interesting foods such as cheddar cheese flavored worms, smoked apple bacon provolone cheese, and pumpkin spice chocolate. As we walked through the market we experienced many unique sights and smells such as a monk fish, kangaroo jerky, rattlesnake, and even over 200 varieties of olives. There is such a multifarious amount of food products that you could not try all of them in a lifetime. 

Immediately after Jungle Jim's we toured the Cincinnati Reds Stadium. We had learned many exciting things about the history of baseball that happened right here in Ohio. The Reds were the first team to allow food and drinks to be brought into the park to allow families to save money and to enjoy the game of baseball. This has set a precedence and now over the next several years every team in the MLB is going to switch to the trend of allowing food and drinks in the park just like the Reds. In 2002, the Reds built the biggest press box in MLB history. Before each game all the windows in the press box are opened, so that the smells of baseball is circulated through the entire stadium. As we walked about the stadium we learned that during the Cold War the Reds changed their name to the Red Legs so the newspaper headlines would not read "Reds Win!", as won the world series. One of the most exciting parts was when we toured the museum and everybody was pitching in a simulator to see who could throw the fastest. In conclusion, Ellyse Shafer was placed top 4 in the nation in Equine Science Placement and won a trip to Costa Rica through her SAE. We had the opportunity to see and taste many foreign agricultural products from all over the world and learn some history about baseball in Ohio with the Cincinnati Reds. 

President Brent Ball 11/1/2015

State Soils

This year both our rural and urban teams made it to the state soils contest which was held in Butler. The Urban team placed 9th overall with Brent Ball, Austin Miller, Jacob Bailey and Mason Feeman as the top scorers. Our freshmen Nathan Bolin, Hunter Tilton, Valerie Golden, and Nick Hicks also did a good job competing in the Rural soils. It was a successful year for the Clear Fork participants.

Reporter Maya Staton 10/23/15

FFA Fall Party

This year’s chapter fall party was held at Lex Lanes on October 17th. We had a great turnout and young members enjoyed socializing and getting to know some of the upperclassman. The chapter bought pizza for everyone and we had no bowling injuries. It was a good time and we are all looking forward to next year’s party.  Enjoy a video of Mr. Dotson and other FFA members doing the cupid shuffle.

Reporter Maya Staton 10/19/2015

FFA Fall Party!
@Lex-Lanes Bowling 
October 17th 6:00pm

Another Victory for Clear Fork

On Oct 1st at the District FFA Soil Judging contest Clear Fork took 1st place in the Urban Contest. Austin Miller was 1st place out of 66 students, Mason Feeman 8th, Jacob Bailey 12th, Brent Ball was 17th, and Joe Potoczny 21st.

In the Agriculture FFA Soil contest Clear Fork placed 5th.  Amelia Moore was 13th out of 71, Hunter Tilton 17th, Valerie Golden 24th, Nate Bolin 30th, and Nick Hicks was 31st.  Both Teams will be competing on Oct 17th at the State Soils Contest. If you see them wish them good luck.

Reporter Maya Staton 10/2/15

Soils Judging

 On september 17 our rural soil judging team traveled to Malabar farm. They place first in the county with a total of 1921 points. Our top five placers were Hunter Tilton, Amelia Moore, Nicholas Hicks, Nathan Bolin, Valerie Golden and will continue on to state soils. Other participants included Garrett Carroll, Hannah Jasinski, Jaylynn Freeman, Sierra A Weese, Reyna Staton, Courtney Weekley, Riley Hergatt, Alexus McDaniel, Regan Marshall, Wade Thompson, Ethan Puckett. 

This year our Urban Soils team also won the county soils contest.  Our top placers were Austin Miller, Brent Ball, Mason Feeman, Joe Potoczny, and Jacob Bailey, who will all continue on to the next contest.

Reporter Maya Staton 9/17/2015 

2015 Bellville Street Fair

This year's Street Fair has come and gone.  We had a beautiful FFA table taking 1st place, FFA members doing fantastic in the Queen Contest, and many animal and still projects.  Our members racked up community service hours by running ribbons, announcing shows, setting up pens, tearing down, weighing in, and helping out wherever they were needed.  Things ran smoothly and it was a great learning experience for the students.

Reporter Maya Staton


FFA Chapter Secretary Cora McConkie wins Bellville Fair Queen with FFA member Brittany Watts as runner up!  Both ladies did a wonderful job with their face to face interviews, scrapbooks, and public speaking.  We're happy to have them representing our chapter in the community.

Reporter Maya Staton


FFA Alumni member barrel racing throwback

-Featuring Ray Ball

Honduras Trip Students In the Richland Source News!

Honduras 2015

This summer is a special one for some of our FFA members.  Brent Ball, Ellyse Shafer, Austin Miller, Cora McConkie, Mr. Ray Ball and Principal Brian Brown are currently in Honduras.  Along with some Crestview students and administrators, they're helping to improve communities by applying modern construction and agriculture methods to the projects.  We hope to see them home safely and can't wait to hear about their experiences. To keep up with how they're doing, follow their blog at 

Reporter Maya Staton 6/18/2015

National Soils

This year our Urban soils team consisting of Brent Ball, Mason Feeman, Austin Miller, and Sam Wander advanced to the national level.  They flew to Oklahoma City, OK to participate in the competition.  Along with it they got to tour the AT&T Stadium, visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, Historic Stockyards City, and Express Ranch Inc.  The team was also faced with some challenges as there was a tornado in Oklahoma City at the time.  Despite some flooding at the hotel it was still a good trip.  They placed 40th out of 59 teams competing at the national level.

By Reporter Maya Staton 5/12/15

State Convention 

 We won! Members of the Clear Fork FFA traveled to Columbus this past weekend for the Ohio FFA State Convention to discover that Clear Fork?s Whole Grains won $2,000 in the Food For Thought Competition. Along with that, our chapter is in the top 10 for Community Development, Chapter Development and Student Development.  Clear Fork is in the top 10 overall.  Individual members also placed outstandingly well. Ellyse Shafer won Equine Management, Austin Miller placed 4th in Forage Production, and Cheyenne Smith-Raines placed 3rd in Ag Processing.

By Reporter Maya Staton 5/5/15

Tree Sales 

Another year of tree sales has come and gone.  All 3 class mods helped wrap the trees in the shop April 7th which included flowering trees, nut trees, and many others.  This event helps the community and is a learning experience for our students. Thank you to all those who supported the FFA in buying and delivering the trees.  We're looking forward to next year's sale.

Reporter Maya Staton 4/21/15

Whole Grain Food Day

 The Clear Fork FFA chapter established a group to help the local community live healthier lives. The plan to accomplish this goal was to spread the knowledge of how Whole Grains can improve lives. To do this, a group was created and named Team Whole Grains. This year our focus was primarily set on reaching out to more people, using social media as well as participating one-on-one with the community. So far, Team Whole Grains has influenced many people. Hashtags, tweets, and Facebook "likes" have skyrocketed, showing how much this idea has grown. The team has also been involved in various activities including: walking the children to school, posting healthy recipes in the school newspaper, distributing food at the local food bank, hosting a can drive in the school, and posting positive videos on youtube about whole grains. These small activities have fabricated new feelings towards being healthy among the people, making them excited to claim a newer, healthier lifestyle.

Highlighting our activities we invited professional chef Linda Boggioni to help create healthy snacks for students to be able to recreate at home. We set up in the cafeteria to reach every person in the high school. Linda had a wireless microphone and talked while she explained to students what she was making. Students sampled humus, granola, whole grain pancakes, and a variety of extras that went with them. Touch pads were set up so students could take a survey online right after they sampled the food. It was a huge success and we all learned a lot from Linda.

President Brent Ball 3/31/2015


This year’s Clear Fork FFA Banquet was a success.  Family, members, and advisers alike got to recap on the past year’s achievements while enjoying great food and great company.  Tre Plowman, a previous Ohio FFA State Officer, provided exciting entertainment while guests waited to be dismissed from their tables to go get food.  The multi-talented magician burnt holes through cards without touching them, turned water to ice by just thinking about it, and all-in-all was a fun asset to the evening.  After many awards and a lovely poem, “I Am an FFA Jacket”, by senior Allyson Oswalt, the new 2015-2016 Officer Team was announced.  This year’s team is Brent Ball, Austin Miller, Caylee Caudill, Cora McConkie, Maya Staton, Joe Potoczny, and freshmen Gavin Bailey and Hayley Brown.  It’s been a great year to look back on and we’re looking forward to what this year has in store for us.
Reporter Maya Staton 3/15/2015

Denver Trip 2015

The Denver Trip: it's what all Clear Fork ag kids have been anticipating this year.  FFA members must complete a checklist of activities to be eligible to go on the trip, so everyone has been going the extra mile and putting in the extra time.  The checklist includes participating in CDE's, community service activities, and a fruit sale quota to fill.  Since this trip is only every other year, some of us have been working the past two seasons on our checklist.  Every second was worth the work however as the trip was a blast and a huge success. Ourselves and members of the Crestview FFA chapter shared a bus on an 8 day trip to Denver, Colorado to the National Western Stock Show. On the way there we got to tour several ag-related facilities. The first day we toured Dow Agro Sciences World Headquarters and learned a lot about GMO's and the research that goes into the field.  We were also lucky enough to meet and converse with a few of the scientists employed there, some of the brightest minds in the agricultural industry. The second day we cruised into St. Louis.  After being 630 feet high in the Gateway Arch, we toured the museum and learned a lot about the history of St. Louis and the part the city played in westward expansion. We also visited the Steamboat Arabia after watching a movie during the bus ride of the excavation story of the 132 year old steamboat. The next day, Day 3, we went 650 feet underground into the Salt Mines of Kansas.  Deep down encased in solid rock and salt, there's an enormous storage facility as well as a great gift shop. Day 4 we toured the Cargill slaughterhouse, probably the highlight of our tours.  Students walked right into the heart of the operation and watched as cows were systematically slaughtered and separated into different cuts of meat for packaging.  It was quite the thing to witness the work that actually goes into putting food on Wal-Mart shelves.  We then went to Jeff Gibson's cattle ranch to see a working ranch in action, and last headed over to Roto-Mix to see how they build feed mixers. On the fifth day we had finally made it to Denver and spent the day exploring the stock show. That night was the most exciting when we got out or tickets and headed in to the National Rodeo to cheer on some stud bronc riders, bulldoggers, and even some barrel racers. Day 6, our ride home began.  But the trip wasn't over yet. We toured the multi-million dollar corporation Case IH to see how their combines are built. Day 7 we toured KINZE and learned about how John Kinzenball built his tractor business from scratch. The last day we toured Fair Oaks Farm and another dairy farm where they bred dairy cows.  At last we were pulling into the school parking lot, hardly believing the trip was over.  We then said goodbye to our Crestview friends and gathered our bags together to be reunited with our parents. It was a great trip, we all had a fun time, learned a lot about potential ag careers, and bonded with our fellow FFA members.  Time to start working towards the next Denver Trip.

 Reporter Maya Staton 1/28/2015


Fruit Sales Results

It is hard to believe that fruit sales are now over and it is Christmas time already. Students were working diligently all through the months of November and December to sell as much fruit at possible. Sales were down this year overall, but still brought in a good chunk of change for the chapter. There were a few changes made to the orders because of disease and other problems with the fruit, but that did not hinder the quality of it at all. This was another successful year for the chapter and we hope to have many more down the road.

By Olivia Mace, December 15, 2014 

2014 Trap Shoot 

This years trap shoot was held at Handlebar Ranch where many students came out to participate. This event brought out many FFA members, but also a few students that were not in the chapter but still wanted to participate. Despite the frigid temperatures and wind, students were still eager to go out and shoot. 

By Olivia Mace, November 11, 2014 

Raking up Community Service Hours

It is that time of year again that many people dread; leaf raking season. But have no fear for the FFA kids are here! Beginning in October students have been meeting once a week to rake leaves in the Bellville and Butler communities. Students are constantly getting hounded about getting their needed community service hours for jobs, college, and scholarships, leaf raking helps them greatly with this. Not only do students benefit, but so does the community. FFA members go door to door to rake leaves for people that cannot do it themselves. FFA members are all about volunteering and are glad to give back to their community. 

By Olivia Mace, November 3, 2014 

Attention 2015 Seniors in FFA!

Ellyse is putting together the senior slideshow together and would like you to either email or put your images on a flashdrive. If this is not an option hard copies can still be used, but electronic media is much easier to work with, and the picture quality will be better!  Please get this into her as soon as possible, thanks! Email her at [email protected].  Also let us know if you have a song in mind to set the slideshow to.

Greenhand Camp

Many members of the freshman class recently embarked on a trip to Camp Muskingum where they attended Greenhand Camp. Members got to particiapte in various leadership activities where they were able to interact with other FFA members from throughout the state. The freshman also got a taste of what summer FFA camp will be like. The Freshman had a great time and where able to bring their new-found knowledge back to the chapter. 

By Olivia Mace, September 29, 2014 

Urban Soils Team to Compete at Nationals

The Urban Soils team recently earned 4th place at the state competition, reserving them a spot in the national competition next spring. The team consisting of Sam Wander, Brent Ball, Mason Feeman, and Austin Miller, have worked hard to get to where they are. The urban team placed first at both the county and district contests, they fell short of winning the state title, but still did a tremendous job. The team will get to travel to Oklahoma next spring to compete with other teams from all 50 states. Congratulations and good luck to the soils team! 

By Olivia Mace, October 13, 2014 

County Soils 2014

Clear Fork FFA students recently participated in the county soils contest held in Crestview. Many students attended this competition, both on the urban and rural soils team. The rural team is made up of mostly freshman, but includes a few students from other grades too. The urban team is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The rural team swept the competition and won the whole contest. Austin Miller was the top urban participant, getting a perfect score on his test and the 3 soil pits he judged. The top 5 individuals from each team will get to advance on to the district completion held at Fairfield Union. Those advancing from the urban team are Austin Miller, Ellyse Shafer, Sam Wander, Brent Ball and Mason Feeman. The students advancing on the rural team are Jacob Bailey, Kelsey Caudill, Ethan Fowler, Bailey Police, and Ricky Thomas.

By Olivia Mace, September 26, 2014

Street Fair Vegetable Table


This years theme for the vegetable table was "The Real Hunger Games." The table was split into two different parts. The first part stated facts about countries living in poverty, foods they would eat, and the average portion size. Then the second side of the table represented us and all of the food and resources we have. The motive behind the table was that people would see how lucky they are and appreciate the resources they have. This was yet another prize winning table for the FFA.

By Olivia Mace, September 16, 2014

Street Fair 2014

It is hard to believe that yet another street fair has already come and gone. This year marked the 164th year of Bellville's annual Street Fair. FFA members were hard at work all week to prepare the animal tents and make sure that all of the shows ran smoothly. On Monday members set up all of the animal tents to prepare for Tuesday when the animals would be moved in to their temporary homes. Wednesday and Thursday was packed full of livestock shows that went very well thanks to the barn supervisors and other helpful members. Many of the members did very well showing their animals and won some awards. Brent Ball raised the scholarship hog this year and won first in his showmanship class. Shelby Tedrow had Grand Champion ducks, while Ellyse Shafer had Reserve Champion ducks. This year we also had two  ladies from the FFA participate in the fair queen contest; Jenna Mascazinni and Cheyenne Smith-Raines. Congratulations to Cheyenne on getting 2nd runner up and representing Clear Fork FFA. The Bellville Street Fair was a huge success this year for not only the members, but the community as well. We look forward to many more in the future. 

By Olivia Mace, September 16, 2014 

New School Year

We are now in our second week of school and starting to get back in the swing of things. All of the Ag classes look very promising this year and should be a great group to work with. The beginning of the school year means all of the classes will be learning or refreshing their knowledge about soils. The freshman will be introduced to rural soils, while the sophomores will be introduced to urban soils. The juniors and seniors will be reviewing both of these soil types. Along with studying in the classroom, students will also begin to prepare for the Bellville Street Fair. Students are encouraged to bring in vegetables for the table when the time comes. Students also need to make sure to sign up for which days they would like to work  their required two hours at the street fair. Dues this year are $20 and will also ensure that you get a chapter t-shirt. Farm Science review will be coming up in September for anyone interested. The cost is $5.00 which can be paid with dues. Last year was a very successful year for Clear Fork FFA but with the great students we have this year we can make this one even better! Hopefully the great start to this year is just a glimpse of what's to come. 

By Olivia Mace, August 29, 2014.  

Volunteers Needed

The FFA needs your help to pack 750 school bags with school supplies on Thursday August, 12. We need 10-15 people to help. It's a great way to help out those in need and get some much needed community service hours too. This event will be taking place at the education center in Mansfield across from the football field. If you would like to help but do not have a ride or you have more questions, contact Olivia or Ellyse. Thanks, hope to see you there!

By Olivia Mace, September 27, 2014.  

Leadership Opportunity

August 17-20,2014-Leadership Camp

Mohican School In The Out-Of-Doors.Inc 

Cost:$220.00 per person

Any OAGC "Junior Club" member who is "nominated"by an OAGC member will be eligible to receive a "full scholarship", and can attend the camp free of charge.

A limited number of "half-scholarships"(110.00 each) also will be awarded to others who apply.

For more information call or e-mail at:

(419) 938-6671    [email protected]   Director: Tim Daniel

Students will develop leadership skills while learning new out door skills and participating in fun activities such as.....


Nature Studies, such as soils, limnology (water) and plant life 

 Shelter-building, campfire building and "pioneer cooking".

Canoeing and hiking

Team-building Initiatives

Community Service: All camp participants will be trained to serve as "ambassadors" for the OAGC Annual Convention's "Day at Mohican Outdoor School",On Tuesday, August 19.............Hope To See 

You There! 

Sponsored By The Ohio Association Of Garden Clubs (OAGC) 

2014-2015 Committees


2014-2015 Committees

T-Shirts- Brent Ball

Bellville Street Fair? Ellyse Shafer, Joey Potoczny

Barn Supervisors/ Jr. Fair Board- Austin Miller

8th Grade Recruitment/ Teacher Appreciation? Brent Ball

CDE- Jenna Burkhart

Bulletin Board- Austin Miller

Alumni Relations- Brent Ball, Sam Wander, Austin Miller

School Board Relations- Sam Wander, Olivia Mace, Jenna Burkhart, Brent Ball

Tractor Pull- Joey Potoczny

Fruit Sales- Brent Ball, Jenna Burkhart

Richland County Fair- Ellyse Shafer, Austin Miller, Joey Potoczny

Knox County Fair- Brent Ball

Vegetable Table- Ellyse Shafer, Joey Potoczny

Announcements- Olivia Mace, Sam Wander

Newsletter- Ellyse Shafer, Olivia Mace

SAE- Sam Wander, Ellyse Shafer

Tree Sales- Jenna Burkhart, Olivia Mace

Banquet Video- Sam Wander, Brent Ball

Banquet Awards- Ellyse Shafer

Banquet Decorations- Officer Team

FFA Week- Olivia Mace, Jenna Burkhart

Ag Sales and Job Interview- Sam Wander, Ellyse Shafer

Parli- Brent Ball

Pass-it-On/Big Brother- Jenna Burkhart, Olivia Mace

Community Service- Sam Wander, Brent Ball

Exchange Student- Sam Wander, Olivia Mace, Jenna Burkhart

Whole Grains/ Healthy Living- Brooklyn Reasor

Denver- Sam Wander, Ellyse Shafer, Brent Ball

Alumni Hog Scholarship- Brent Ball

New Equipment Education- Joey Potoczny

State Officer Workshop- Sam Wander

See FFA- Officer Team

Movie on the Lawn- Officer Team

BNOC- Officer Team

Hunter Safety Course/ Trap Shoot- Brent Ball, Olivia Mace, Joey Potoczny

Fall Party- Brent Ball

Chapter Meetings- Sam Wander


Last Chance For Quality Assurance

On Tuesday, May 20th you will have your last chance for Quality Assurance, it will be held directly after school in Miss Hulits room in the high school (# 131.

State Convention 2014

On May 1st and 2nd students from the Clear Fork FFA traveled to Columbus for the annual state convention held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Convention was a very busy time for many of the students who were working on an array of things, from presentations to walking up on stage. Team Whole grains got to show off all the hard work they have done by competing to attempt to win a $2000 grant for our chapter. Team whole grains did not win but all the hard work and dedication they put into the project did not go unnoticed. This year the FFA also had two students competing to win state proficiency's too. Sam Wander placed first in Agricultural Processing for her maple syrup project she does each year.Sam will go on the compete at the national level. Ellyse Shafer placed second in Equine Science Placement for her work at Smokin' Acres. Other students also got to showcase their musical talents at convention. Pam played the piano and took 2nd place at the talent show. Kyle Seaton and Josh Taylor also did a fantastic job in the talent show by playing their guitars. Adam Harris made Clear Fork FFA history by being the first student from our chapter to play in the Ohio FFA Band. Aside from the amount of success of individual students, our chapter also was awarded as a whole. Our chapter was awarded for donating money to the children's hospital and also got the Foundation Award for donating money to another cause. Our chapter was also rated a Gold Medal chapter. One of our greatest accomplishments was placing first in the state for Community Development. This award was based off of the Orrin T-shirts, the vegetable table, and the tree sale. 

By Olivia Mace, May 5, 2014 

2014 Tree Sale

On Friday, April 11, the Clear Fork FFA had the annual tree sale. The FFA took over the sale when Richland county decided they no longer wanted to do it. The trees were wrapped in the shop on Wednesday, April 9, by the students from all three class mods. Trees were sold at Richland County Fairgrounds and at the high school. The tree sale not only helps the community but it also greatly helps the environment. A mass amount of trees were sold and the sale was a huge success. 

By Olivia Mace, April 14, 2014

2014 FFA Banquet

As always the Clear Fork FFA held their annual banquet to acknowledge students for all the accomplishments they have made throughout the year. Students were rewarded for all of the hard work they put into our chapter over the course of the school year. This year we did not have entertainment, but instead had state officer, Jeanie McGarvey, speak to us. Jeanie gave us an inspiring message about overcoming the struggles that life throws at us. The 2014-2015 officer team was also announced. The new team consists of Sam Wander, Ellyse Shafer, Olivia Mace, Brent Ball, Austin Miller, and newcomer Joey Potoczny. The banquet was a very big success and did a great job in showcasing the talent of our students. 

By Olivia Mace, March 10, 2014 

Mt. Gilead Invitational

To kick off the invitational CDE event season, the Clear Fork FFA Chapter took the trip to the Morrow County Fairgrounds.  Teams represented Clear Fork in Equine Evaluation, and General Livestock Judging.  Cora McConkie, Austin Wehymeller, and Maya Staton competed in the Equine Evaluation.  This CDE is a four part competiton that covers all aspects of equine.  They judge classes of halter and performance horses that they have to place and answer questions about, place a class of hay, have a section of identification, and take a test.  The equine team placed 2nd out of 35 teams, and all three placed in the top 15 individual competitors.  Andy Littleton, Ben Mellot, Joey Potoczny, Chase Endicott, Shelbi Tedrow, and Brooklyn Reasor represented the Chapter in the Livestock Judging CDE.  They had to judge classes of swine, sheep, goats, and cattle, fill out an EPD, and take a test.  Younger kids who traveled with the Clear Fork FFA Chapter to judge General Livestock are Gavin Bailey, Hunter Tilton, Paige Walker, and Dawson and Ethan Staley.  The team placed 18th out of 50 teams.

By Ellyse Shafer, March 2, 2014

2014 Banquet Preparations

It's crazy to think that it's already almost March, and our annual FFA Parent-Member Banquet is just right around the corner.  With all of the snow days this year, teachers are scrambling to keep up with lesson plans, the maintenance department is on overdrive keeping the school warm, and the chapter members are busily making preparations for upcoming competitions and banquet. Since of all the time we were out of class, the officer team has made decisions to modify some features about the banquet, which they hope will help it run smoother anyways.  One of those modifications is having no major entertainment.  Instead we are welcoming our Dicstrict 7 President, Jeanie McGarvey. 

The past couple weeks have been very busy for the members, officers, and advisors, but things for the banquet are coming together.  They have been busy picking, ordering, and organizing the many awards our members have earned themselves throughout the year.  Raffle tickets for the Clear Fork FFA Alumni Hog Raffle have been on sale, which is going well.  The members have been brainstorming on decisions such as the main display decorations, centerpiece designs, possible "Blue and Gold Award" recipiants, and possible "Honorary Member" recipiants.  The chapter voted for their new officer team to serve for them for the 2014-2015 year; and Samantha Wander, Brent Ball, Olivia Mace, Erika Rinehart, Ellyse Shafer, and Austin Miller will be returning to an office while they welcome Joey Potoczny to the team.  They interviewd with a pannel of Alumni members and their positions will be announced at the Banquet.

Even with the lack of school days we have had after winter break, everything is coming together and we hope to enjoy a nice evening to celebrate all the things Clear Fork FFA members have accomplished throughout the year.


By Ellyse Shafer, February 27, 2014

Farmer's Share Breakfast

On Saturday, Feburary 22, 2014 the annual Farmer's Share Breakfast was held at the new Shelby High School.  The event is a free breakfast (donations accepted) to the community provided by the Ohio Farm Bureau that demonstartes how much money from a meal would actually go back to the farmer.  Members from FFA chapters in Richland county come volunteer to cook and serve the food along with the Farm Bureau representatives.  Clear Fork FFA members made the early rise to work the first shift and get everything rolling.  Members cooked pancakes, served people in line, welcomed people at the door, and sold raffle tickets for the Clear Fork FFA Alumni Hog Raffle.  This event is a great opprotunity for our members to earn community service hours while working with students and Ag advisors from other chapters, and showing our appriciation to the Farm Bureau for all they do for the FFA orginization by doing our part to make the breakfast successful.

By Ellyse Shafer, February 25, 2014

2014 State Degree Applicants

This year we have three students applying to receive their State FFA Degrees.  The State Degree sets apart students who  exceed expectations in the classroom.  They have to be active in their community while attending activities such as leadership nights, camps, and conventions.  This rewards them for their efforts within the National FFA Organization, but is also very helpful when obtaining scholarships.  We would like to recognize the hard work of degree applicants Jonathan Walters, Samantha Wander, and Ellyse Shafer.  They have all been working on their application and hope to receive their degree at the Ohio State FFA Convention in May.

By Ellyse Shafer, January 27, 2014

2013-2014 "Team Whole Grains" Committee

The Clear Fork FFA “Team Whole Grains” is on over-drive this year, expanding on their horizons.  They work each year to prepare themselves for the “Food For Thought, Healthy Lifestyles” contest sponsored by the Ohio Small Grains Association for a chance to win a $500-$2000 scholarship for our school. 

Since the competition is three years old, ideas to grab the judges attention are getting harder to come up with, but this year’s dedicated group is getting the job done.  New ideas such as pulling the 8th graders’ opinions in (with a cookie test), building a “Hay Dog” out of bales of hay to grab peoples’ attention, having fitness days for both Bellville and Butler Elementaries, and a chapter workout group.

The 8th grade students were surveyed on their take on whole grains before tasting cookies baked with whole grain flour.  Their opinions will be re-evaluated after they take the taste test.

A “Hay Dog” will be constructed out of bales of hay and painted to catch the attention of passer biers.  A whole grain fact will then be displayed on a sign, informing the community about the benefits of whole grains.

TWG will also be visiting the elementary buildings.  This way all the buildings in our school district will be encouraged to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Chapter health is also a priority  to TWG, and they want to see your name on the workout group sign up sheet.  So get active Clear Fork FFA members!  You don’t have to  do anything specific, we just you to  participate!

By Ellyse Shafer, January 25, 2014

A Year Without Denver

"A year without Denver” might not mean much to those who have not attended the trip, but for those students who have, January just feels, weird.  Nonetheless, it is another year to become eligible for the trip.  Every other year, the Clear Fork FFA teams up with the Crestview FFA to take a week-long cross-country journey.  They travel to the Denver National Stock Show, stopping at various agriculture-based enterprises along the way. 

With this off-year, the students have access to a checklist with various criteria they have to meet in order to be eligible for the trip next year.  This encourages the members to get active within the chapter and community.  They learn and practice life skills such as communication, cooperation, determination, and responsibility.

Talking to anyone that has been on the trip, all the hard work put into meeting the requirements pay off with attending the trip.  It is a week full of long bus rides, late nights, and early mornings that you wish to never end. 

By Ellyse Shafer, January 20, 2014

Parliamentary Procedure Advances

The Clear Fork FFA Parliamentary Procedure Teams are both advancing to the state competition this Saturday, December 21.  The junior (freshman) team have been dominating their opponents by  winning both the county and district competition to earn their ticket to state.  The senior team has also proved to be tough competition, taking the win at the county competition and a close second (by .3 a point) at districts.   No matter the outcome at the state competition, the junior team is already in the top 10 teams, and the senior team is in the top 20.  We would like to wish them luck at this prestigious competition.

By Ellyse Shafer

Dec. 15, 2013

Cans For the Community

“Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.”  The motto of our great organization– a motto each member should have on their mind, as they represent the FFA.  Lately, “living to serve”, the last line of the motto, has been expressed not only by our members, but by students of Clear Fork High School.  It’s evident that the FFA is making a difference in our community, starting within the school.  Teaming up with Creative Publishing, the chapter conducted a canned food drive November 18th through the 26th, just in time for Thanksgiving.  This benefited both the Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center and the Butler Adult Center.  They set a high goal -1,500 items- and planned special days with incentives for the students who bring in cans to help reach it.  They surpassed their goal with a total of 1,874 non-perishable food items and nearly $80.  This was split among the two locations.  The food drive was just in time for the holiday, and helped these locations keep their shelves stocked.

By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 29, 2013

Parli Proceeds

All of the preparation the parliamentary procedure teams put in here lately is starting to pay off.  Both the senior and junior (freshman) teams pulled through with a win at the sub-district county competition.  They beat out Knox County teams from Fredericktown, East Knox, KCCC, Cardington, and Mt. Vernon for the victory.  They hope to continue this trend into the district competition on December 5, hosted by the Clear Fork FFA at the High School. 


                Junior (freshman) Team                              Senior Team


By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 24, 2013

Canned Food Drive to Begin Next Week

The Clear Fork FFA Chapter, along with Creative Publishing will be having a canned food drive for the week of November 25-29.  The goods collected will be divided up and delivered to the BNOC and Butler Adult Center.  Our goal is to collect 1,500 cans, and there will be food day incentives to award the classes with the most amount of cans collected.  Also there will be an opportunity to pie assistant principle, Mr. Ramion, in the face!  You can put your name in a drawing on Tuesday, by exchanging a canned good for a ticket during the lunch mods.  Then if we meet the goal of covering his image with stacked cans by Friday,  a name from both 4th and 5th mod lunches will be drawn!

By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 13, 2013

Preparing for Parli

It's parliamentary procedure season within the FFA.  The Parliamentary Procedure Career Development Event (CDE) is one of many contests that exists in the FFA.  This time of year, all the Ag classes either learn or take another look at different parliamentary procedure aspects.  Freshman learn from square one-opening ceremonies, abilities, how to have "good" discussions, and closing ceremonies.  The sophomore and junior/senior classes take another look at the subject and remember that they don't remember if a certain ability is debatable, amendable, and who knows what kind of vote it requires.  But nonetheless, they look back over it and a greenhand (freshman) and senior parli pro teams are formed.  With the first competition to be held on November 21st, it's crunch time for the teams.  The freshman class officers formed the greenhand team, and they are working diligently both in class and during study halls to create a tough team.  The brand new senior team is also putting every ounce they have into creating a strong team.  They meet each morning before school, during class, have organized after-school meetings, and study independently on their questions to prepare themselves for the series of tests and competitions ahead of them.   Good luck to both the greenhand and senior teams as they strive for  an honorable title this year in the Parliamentary Procedure CDE.

By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 11, 2013

Taking Aim

On Saturday, November 9, 2013 members of the Clear Fork FFA Chapter competed in a sporting clay trap shoot at Handlebar Ranch in Mt. Gilead.  Ben and Andy Littleton, Ben Mellot, Ricky Thomas, Joey Potoczny, Jordan Thompson, Bryce Ketter, Brent Ball, Jonah Albert, and Max Erdenberger all were in attendance to show their skill at hitting the clay birds.  They went on a 100-round course that had 17 different stations which meandered through the ranch.   Although it was a little windy, overall it was a nice day for the participants to show their skills.  The top three scores from Clear Fork were as follows: Ricky Thomas-64, Jordan Thompson-61, and Jonah Albert-59.  It was a great experience for the members and they look forward for the event next year.

By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 10, 2013

FFA Gives Time to Give Money

The Clear Fork FFA Chapter was able to present the BNOC and Butler-Clear Fork Adult Center each with a check on Friday, November 8.  The money was earned by members who volunteered their time at the annual Farmer's Share Breakfast.  The Farmer's Share Breakfast is a event where all the food is donated and prepared, and all the money made back is in the form of donations.  The kids volunteer to perform tasks such as bussing tables and cleaning dishes.  Those chapters who have members present to help receives their split of the profit to give to their local food pantries.  Our local places are always looking for help, so if you have time to volunteer, or are planning on attending college in the future and need community service hours, they would greatly appreciate it!  


By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 9, 2013

National Convention- Day 5

Everyone is back from convention after a long morning. The members got up bright and early to attend the 8th general session, where the American Degree winners were recognized. They then had a long bus ride home. All in all, every day was it's own adventure and it was a successful trip.

By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 2, 2013

National Convention- Day 4

On day four the chapters started out at the Kentucky Exposition Center for convention. The members were turned loose for the morning to attend the career and trade shows and attend leadership workshops. They met just after lunch to get good seats for the 3 p.m. session where a member of Northmor performed. They then went and toured Louisville Slugger, where they learned the bat making process and some history of the company. They then returned for some down time at the hotel to prepare for an early morning.

By Ellyse Shafer

Nov. 1, 2013

National Convention- Day 3

The convention crew continued their trip at the 86th National FFA Convention at the Kentucky Exposition center in Louisville.  They were there all day.  First they had time to walk around the trade and career shows before they met up again after having lunch.  Then they went to Freedom Hall to watch the second session hosted by our national secretary.  The second session was where Clear Fork had their time to shine- getting recognized as a 3 star gold chapter.  President Sam Wander and Reporter Ellyse Shafer accepted the award on stage, which was broadcasted live on RFD TV.  They continued out the session and then headed back to the hotel to change out of official dress into their Buckeye Bash attire.  The members then went to Buca de Beppos, enjoying a nice Italian dinner.  They finished out the night at the Buckeye Bash, where they all had a great time.

By Ellyse Shafer

Oct. 31, 2013

National Convention- Day 2

Day two of the trip landed us not yet at convention itself, but at three great tours instead.  First stop was at Keenland Race Course in Lexington, KY.  It is a beautiful facility where the tour guide took us through the facility through not only human eyes, but the horses as well.  We went everywhere- from the barns, to the paddocks, to the tunnel and track, the sale ring, and the grandstands.  Next we went to the Toyota plant.  That tour was very cool, because we rode around on little trams throughout the plant and saw everything from the raw materials coming into the plant, to the finished vehicles off the line.  After that we went to Degraff Stables, a horse breeding farm.  We learned about their procedures and stallions and then met some of the stallions in high demand in Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle for multiple breeds of horses.  The day ended after a dinner at Red State BBQ.

By Ellyse Shafer

Oct. 30, 2013

Chapter Fall Party

We recently had our FFA chapter's annual fall party at Smokin' Acres.  The members who came enjoyed plenty of food, friends, and fun.  The officer team worked hard in preparation for the get-together.  They had games such as soccer, pumpkin painting, football, corn hole, and volley ball for the members to get active and participate in.  We had about 30 members, and a handful of parents and FFA Alumni members in attendance.  Most everyone enjoyed their time and kept busy with the different activities, an overall success for the chapter officer team. 

By Ellyse Shafer

Oct. 21, 2013

National Convention- Day 1

The Clear Fork, Crestview, and Nothmor FFA chapters departed early Tuesday morning for their 2013 convention adventure. Although The 86th National FFA Convention hadn't began itself yet, the charter bus full of members headed out to first visit different Ag-based businesses.  Their first stop was Black River Farm, located in Chillecothe, Ohio. Not only was it a working farm, but the owner has a passion for collecting and restoring Case IH tractors.  He has a collection of just over 200 machines, but the members only saw one barn full- about 40% of them.  The students then enjoyed a generous picnic from their hosts.  After Black River Farm they had a short jog over to Circleville, Ohio and Miedma Dairy.  There they saw working dairy farm that houses 753 head of cows on site.  They learned the cows' cycles through the farm, and saw the parlor, how the pens were flushed, and the facility where they turn the solid feces back into safe bedding for the cows.  After that the departed for Georgetown, Kentucky where they will turn in for the night.

By Ellyse Shafer

Oct. 29, 2013

Fruit Sales Have Began!

Another year, another fruit sale for the Clear Fork FFA Chapter.  Every year we sell fruit out of Florida, who is known for their citrus production.  Our prices this year have stayed mostly the same as last year, except for the Naval Oranges.  This is because of a disease that has become an epidemic in the orange industry.  The disease, called HLB, can lie latent in trees for years and this year 10-15% of the fruit on Florida trees hit the ground before it could even reach full maturity.  The disease is just beginning, and the prices of oranges and orange products is expected to skyrocket in future years.  With the disease and trees producing less, the yield has dropped about 21% and the cost of farming rose 110% causing wholesale prices to rise 175% according to those at That explains why you'll notice a difference in the Navel Orange prices this fruit selling season.  Nonetheless, as every year, the fruit that you order will be just as fresh and delicious as the last!  Along with fresh fruit, on our order list are a variety of delightful nuts and DB Yummer's BBQ sauce. Selling began October 17 and run through November 30, with an expected delivery date of December 11.  So get your fresh fruit today!  Contact an FFA member, or call into the school at 419-886-2601 ex. 2135 and leave a message to place your order.  

By Ellyse Shafer

Oct. 18, 2013

State Soils

Recently we had Clear Fork FFA members represent our chapter at the State Urban and Rural Soils CDE competition.  They set out early on a Saturday morning to test their knowledge against other qualifiers in Ohio.  The competition proved to be very tough, along with the difficult pits they had to judge.  Our Urban team of Austin Miller, Brent Ball, Cheyenne Smith-Raines, and Samantha Wander placed fifteenth out of the fifty teams present.  Our one Rural representative, Andy Littleton placed ninety-first out of one hundred eighty nine.  We are proud of our members who worked hard to earn their right to judge at a state level competition. 

By Ellyse Shafer

District 7 Soil Judging 2013

The Clear Fork FFA Chapter did exceptionally well at district soils despite having such a tough district.  We sent both urban and rural teams down to compete for a chance to go onto the state soils competition, and have people from both teams continuing on!  The urban team consisting of Samantha Wander, Brent Ball, Austin Miller, and Cheyenne Smith-Raines placed fourth, and Andy Littleton, who judged on the rural team, individually placed fourth.  These top five placings earned them a spot to the state contest which will be held Saturday, October 12 at the site of Farm Science Review.  Good luck to those judging at state soils!

Check it out!

If you are unfamiliar with our 2013-2014 officer team be sure to check out the new "Officer Team" tab to get to know them! 

New Freshman Class Officer Team


President- Cora McConkie

Vice President - Joe Potoczny

Treasure - Colten Rinehart

Secretary - Maya Staton 

Reporter- Caylee Caudill

Sentinel - Meredith Bennett

Adviser - Ricky Thomas 

County Soil Judging Contest

The members who have been studying hard on their soils got to test their knowledge at the county soils contest.  Experience ranging from freshman who were just introduced to the contest this year to the seniors who have been more familiar to the contest took to the pits at the 2013 competition, hosted by Plymouth FFA.  The pits were rather difficult to understand for some, which proved this contest to be challenging, and those who did well were definitely at the top of their game.  We had both Urban and Rural teams compete.  In the Urban competition the team took second, with outstanding individual placings of two juniors, Samantha Wander who took third, and Cheyenne Smith-Raines who took second.  The Rural team placed fourth.  Advancing to the district competition are the top five highest scores on each team.  Urban: Cheyenne Smith-Raines (11), Samantha Wander (11), Pete Bisel (12), Brent Ball (10), and Austin Miller (10).  Rural: Erika Rinehart (11), Meghan Callen (9), Cora McConkie (9), Ricky Thomas (9), and Andrew Littleton (9).  We wish the best of luck to those who will go on to districts in Ross County!


Farm Science Review

Every year, Mr. Staley takes a bus full of students down to the Farm Science Review in London, Ohio.  It was a first time experince for some of the kids who went.  There, you can learn about all the new innovations in agriculture.  There are so many exhibits its difficult to visit every place in one day.  We are given a list of places where we're supposed to collect signatures from officials there.  Once we complete the assignment we have the rest of the day to explore the grounds on our own.  Some kids took the trolly across the highway to the conservation center to learn canservation techniques and try their aim on the archery range.  They also walked around and found places like Beck's Hybrids, where you could get a cool free t-shirt by "liking" "Why I Farm" on Facebook.  At the State Farm Insurance booth they made colorful frizbees and personalized stamped key chains.  Also another favorite for many Clear Fork kids is to get walking sticks and climb on all the display equipment.  Those who stopped by the Ohio Smalls Grains booth you could see some of our own on display from passed "Food For Thought" competitions and the work President, Sam Wander and Treasurer, Erika Rinehart did over the summer as small grains ambassadors.  No matter where your feet take you walking around Farm Science Review you are almost guarenteed to see something you've never seen before or learn something new. 

By Ellyse Shafer

Bellville Street Fair

The FFA was no stranger to the 163rd Bellville Street Fair. Members helped the Sr Fair Board accomplish numerous events as the week progressed. Sunday they helped prepare the track and then record numbers at the annual tractor pull. Tuesday was one of our favorite days, weigh-ins. Although it was uncomfortably hot, the members still seemed to find themselves laughing and having a good ole time while being fed by our supportive FFA Alumni. Wednesday, the showing started. In both the poultry/rabbit tent and the livestock tent barn supervisors had their workers in place and running the shows smooth. That continued while the temperature dropped on Thurday in the livestock tent. No Jr Fair activity was held on Friday, but everyone with market animals were up bright and early for the sale on Saturday. A quick tear down after the sale proved that the Clear Fork FFA members were on top of things and where they needed to be to get everything accomplished timely.

By Ellyse Shafer

Vegetable Table 2013

This year, as every year, the Clear Fork FFA Officer Team set up the "Special FFA Display", better known as the vegetable table at the Bellville Street Fair.  The purpose of the table is to educate the community on agriculture.  It consists of vegetables, canned goods, plants, crops, and objects that the chapter members gather and bring in.  This year there was a theme with special meaning to everyone in our chapter, and many people in the community.  It followed the "So God Made a Farmer" poem and was dedicated in memory of Orrin McConkie.  The officer team worked hard on putting the display together Wednesday during the school day, and hope that everyone who went to the Fair got the chance to see the table.   

By Ellyse Shafer

Back to School

School is now in session, and the Clear Fork FFA has a busy year in store for them.  Just like every year, the first things on everyone's mind is the Street Fair and soil judging.  Members exhibiting projects at the Bellville Street Fair continue preparing for it, and are getting their entries sent in.  Barn supervisors are signing up and plans are in place to make the fair run smooth and efficient like every year.  Each class spends their time studying for county soils this fall.  The freshman are introduced to the ag/rural judging scorecard and management practices.  The sophomores touch up on those and add learning about the urban scorecard.  The junior/senior class revisit both types of soil judging as well.  Soon they will hit the pits and get dirty at county soil judging.  Good luck to everyone at the Street Fair and soil juding!

By Ellyse Shafer

Summer Sum-Up

Every summer for an FFA member is a busy one, and the summer of 2013 was no exception.  School ended and as other students took to the couch at home, some members attended FFA Camp Muskingum's first session.  Just three days after camp, the officer team then went on their retreat to plan out the year.  June ended and chores continued as fair projects grew.  July rolled around and those attending the Richland Co Fair had their interview judging.  The chapter also celebrated it's 50 year anniversary at the Butler Museum.  July was coming to an end but during the last week a few members exhibited at the Knox Co Fair.  August brought the Richland Co Fair, which always seems to mark the end of summer vacation.  Just a couple weeks after and students were already back in school.  

By Ellyse Shafer

Officer Team Bonding. . .Tecumseh!

The 2013 officer team decided to do some team bonding over the summer.  At FFA Camp Muskingum, most of them had the opportunity  to listen to a Shawnee Indian Native, who sparked their interest ion the culture.  The keynote speaker mentioned "the greatest Shawnee, and possibly the greatest Indian who ever lived", Tecumseh.  They then decided to go see the outdoor drama, Tecumseh!, to witness his life story.  All the officers (except Pete who had to work) piled into the suburban and headed down to Chillicothe.  They had a great time and enjoyed an amazing performance, and even got to meet the main actor after the show.  The team hopes to continue to find days to bond, becoming more of a family each time.  They hope that these days will help keep them working as a well-oiled machine throughout the year.   

By Ellyse Shafer

Richland Co Fair

This past August was the Richland County Fair.  It gave many of our chapter's members to show off all their hard work from the past year to the public.  This year we had upcoming freshman through graduated seniors exhibit their animals at the fair.  Exhibitors were:

-Spencer McGinty (grad), beef feeder and beef steers

-Erika Rinehart (11), two beef feeders

-Austin Wheymeller (12), horse

-Ellyse Shafer (11), horse and production horse

-Cora McConkie (9), horse

-Abbie Albert (10), horse

-Sam Wander (11), market broilers

-Mason Feeman (10), market broilers

-Alyson Oswalt (11), market broilers

-Bob Thorne (11), market rabbits

-Brent Ball (10), market goat

-Austin Miller (10), market goat


By Ellyse Shafer

Officer Retreat

The new Clear Fork FFA officer team became a family during their officer retreat.  First, they headed to Cumberland, Ohio in search of "The Wilds" where they went on the "Wild Zipline Safari".  They had a blast zooming over pastures of endangered animals.  The kids really got to see how each other handled new or sometimes scary situations, and were encouraging while they had a good time.  Then the group headed to the Ohio FFA Retreat Center which was where they stayed the next two days.  Right away they dug into paperwork, planning and mapping out the year ahead for the Clear Fork FFA chapter.  The next day they pontooned across Leesville Lake to Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum where they worked with staff member Grant on communication and teamwork.  The officers and advisors really got to know each other throughout the few days of the retreat, and have an exciting, busy year in store for the Clear Fork FFA.

 By Ellyse Shafer


Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum 2013

Summer couldn't have come soon enough for a group of Clear Fork FFA members.  Summer to an FFA member is different than that of most kids to begin with, because the work doesn't just stop for a few months, it always continues.  But they still get an escape along with members of other chapters from all over the state of Ohio.  To those who haven't heard of Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum, it is a beautiful, old-fashioned facility right along the shores of Leesville Lake in Carrollton, Ohio.  Thirteen Clear Fork FFA members escaped everyday life to join many other chapters for a week.  If there's one thing to keep in mind when going to camp, it's to not be shy.  The memories and friends you make if you're outgoing and open in that short amount of time will be priceless.  Each and every member who goes will make a new friend, have a new experience, or even find their new niche at camp.  The amazing advisors, staff, and state FFA officers make for an indescribably good time.  The Clear Fork FFA officer team encourages every FFA member to take the option and go to camp next year because the experience is truely worth it.  

By Ellyse Shafer

2012-2013 Banquet Videos

The videos are located on YouTube click on the following links...

Senior Video

Intro Video

State Rules

 Ever need help figuring out what CDE you want to compete in? The above link will take you to the Ohio FFA website's CDE rules list.


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