Clear Fork FFA


CNC Machine

Clear Fork FFA chapter students are now producing metal signs. Using our new plasma CNC (computer navigated cutter) and selling them to the public. Our signs are made to show the spirit of the colts in many of our biggest activities including sports and FFA. Show your pride with these student made designs and support the Clear Fork FFA chapter in the process.


Some of our designs include: Soccer, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Cross Country, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Christmas tree, and CFFFA.


Colors: Red, Gray, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, and Torch fired Rainbow (ex. Soccer pic)


Size: 12" x 12" or 16" x 16" depending on design


Costs: $10 for signs, $5 for Christmas tree (4" x 6")


To place your order today stop by Mr. Staley's room


135 or call 419-886-2601 Ext. 2135

                                      Golf                                                                     CFFFA                                   


                                           Tree                                                                           Baseball

                                        Basketball                                                                   Football

                                      Cross Country                                                          Tennis

                                      Soccer                                                                         Volleyball 

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